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  • The Role of Carbon Fiber Manufacturers

    The future of carbon fiber is undoubtedly on a positive course. However, the speed at which carbon fiber integrates into larger commercial markets and more and more common applications is largely dependent on the capabilities of existing carbon fiber manufacturers. Carbon fiber manufacturers need to continue to increase their capacity and actively shift the industry mindset to be firmly committed to the concept of commercialization.
    The carbon fiber industry will reach its vast potential if carbon fiber manufacturers:
    1)Target new applications
    2)Develop new and lower cost technology
    3)Reinvest profits with long term objectives in mind, essentially eliminating the low volume, high price mentality.
    4)Fully understand supplier’s costs and future strategy
    5)Identify and focus on market driver’s
    6)Work to aggressively reduce costs
    7)Consolidate so that weaker players help strengthen the stronger ones
    8)Share incremental improvements to help support market growth
    9)Understand that the primary competitors to carbon fibers are other materials, not other carbon fiber manufacturers.

    Date: 2017/5/31

  • The Benefits of Carbon Fiber

    Light Weight,High Tensile Strength,Resistant to Corrosion,Low CTE(Coefficient of Thermal Expansion,Exceptionl Durbility ...
    Date: 2017/9/20